Urodynamic examination

Urodynamic examination is a medical procedure used to evaluate the function of the urinary tract and bladder. This examination is usually performed by specialists in urology or gynecology to diagnose and treat various urinary tract problems.

Groruddalsklinikken is a recognized clinic in Norway that offers a wide range of medical services, including urodynamic examination. The clinic has an experienced team of doctors and healthcare personnel who are dedicated to providing patients with the best care and treatment.

During a urodynamic examination, the patient is asked to fill the bladder by drinking liquid. A thin catheter is then inserted into the bladder through the urethra to measure the pressure inside the bladder. At the same time, the pressure in the urethra is also measured using another catheter. These measurements provide information about how the bladder and urethra work under different conditions.

In addition to pressure measurements, urodynamic examination can also include other tests that measure bladder capacity, the speed of urine flow and muscle activity in the pelvic floor. These tests can help identify problems such as urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, urinary retention or irregular urine flow.

Urodynamic examination can be useful in making an accurate diagnosis and developing an effective treatment plan. Based on the results of the examination, the doctor may recommend various treatment options, including medication, pelvic floor exercises, surgery or other therapies that are best suited for the patient’s condition.

Groruddalsklinikken is known for its expertise in urodynamic examination and offers tailored treatment plans based on the patient’s individual needs. The clinic has modern equipment and facilities that ensure accurate and reliable results.

It is important to note that urodynamic examination may be slightly uncomfortable or embarrassing for some patients. However, the experienced staff at Groruddalsklinikken will do their best to ensure that patients feel comfortable and cared for throughout the procedure.

In addition to urodynamic examination, Groruddalsklinikken also offers other urological services such as treatment of urinary tract infections, prostate health, kidney stones and other related conditions. The clinic has a reputation for delivering high quality care and treatment to its patients.

Why Groruddalsklinikken?

Groruddalsklinikken’s vision is to offer high-quality health services with short waiting times.

We can offer health services both to those who do not have a referral from their GP, to those who have a referral from their GP or to those who are waiting for treatment at the hospital or waiting in the hospital queue.

If you have health insurance, you can contact your insurance company about getting treatment with us.

Groruddalsklinikken has a broad and relevant range of healthcare services with high quality and good accessibility for everyone. With us, you should always feel safe and looked after.


Groruddalsklinikken’s medical services include many specialist areas within the specialist health service, including day surgery.


Groruddalsklinikken believes that you as a patient deserve and should have quick medical attention without having to wait for several hours to receive health care.

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We offer a chiropractor, physiotherapist, acupuncturist and masseur at GRD. We have modern devices for pressure wave treatment and ultrasound diagnostics and follow up the patient from A to Z.

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