Sterilization of men

Male sterilization, also known as vasectomy, is a permanent form of birth control available to men. This procedure involves cutting or blocking the vas deferens, which are the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles to the penis. By preventing the sperm cells from reaching the semen, male sterilization prevents fertilization and therefore pregnancy.

Groruddalsklinikken is a recognized clinic that offers sterilization services for men. The clinic has an experienced team of healthcare professionals who specialize in this procedure. Sterilization of men is an important choice for those who want permanent contraception and do not want to have more children.

Before a man decides to undergo sterilization, it is important to be aware that this procedure is permanent and not reversible. This means that it is not possible to restore fertility after the procedure has been carried out. Therefore, men considering sterilization should be sure that they do not want more children in the future.

The male sterilization procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. A small incision is made in the scrotum, and the vas deferens are either cut or blocked using different techniques. This prevents the sperm from reaching the semen during ejaculation. The procedure usually only takes a few minutes to complete, and the patient can usually go home the same day.

After sterilization, it may take a few weeks or months before the sperm are completely absent from the semen. It is therefore important to use alternative contraception during this period to avoid unwanted pregnancy. After a certain time, a sperm test will be performed to confirm that the sperm cells are absent and that the sterilization has been successful.

Male sterilization is generally a safe procedure with few complications. However, as with any surgical procedure, there is always some risk of infection, bleeding or scarring. It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions for aftercare and report any unusual symptoms or complications to the clinic.

It is also worth noting that although male sterilization is highly effective as a contraceptive method, it does not provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). To protect yourself from STIs, you should still use a condom or other forms of protection during intercourse.

Groruddalsklinikken is known for its expertise in male sterilization. The clinic has a good reputation and offers professional and personal care to its patients. They take the time to explain the procedure thoroughly, answer questions and provide the necessary follow-up after the procedure.

In addition to sterilization of men, Groruddalsklinikken also offers other services within reproductive health, including contraception, fertility treatment and sexual health examination. The clinic has a dedicated team of doctors and nurses who are committed to providing the best possible care to their patients.

For those considering male sterilization as a permanent method of contraception, it is important to consult with an experienced healthcare professional at Groruddalsklinikken. They will be able to provide thorough information about the procedure, assess individual needs and give advice based on the individual’s situation.

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