Groruddalsklinikken has urologists with long experience and high competence in a number of urological disorders. We are proud to present our urologists who have worked both in Norway and internationally.

A urologist is a specialist in urology, and has knowledge in:

Diseases of the urinary tract in both women and men, i.e. kidneys, renal pelvis, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra.
Diseases in the man’s genitals, i.e. in the prostate, seminal vesicles, testicles and scrotum (scrotum) and thus any problems with sexual function and the ability to have children.

Urology is a very exciting field that is rapidly developing and where great progress has been made in the last 20-30 years. New knowledge is constantly coming from extensive research and new methods of treatment. Groruddalsklinikken has a urologist with extensive experience both as a urological surgeon, general surgeon and researcher.

With and without reference

At Groruddalsklinikken, you can get an appointment with a private urologist both with and without the need for a referral, and an appointment with a short waiting time is offered. Here you can be sure of good follow-up, that the urologist takes your problem seriously and does his utmost to solve the challenges.

Experienced urologist

Within urological treatments, there are several methods used around the world and it can be difficult for a patient to orient themselves in this and perhaps have doubts about which is the best method. It is therefore important to have a knowledgeable specialist to deal with who can advise on the strengths and possible weaknesses of the different methods.

We are proud to present our urologists who have worked both in Norway, Scandinavia and internationally. New methods have also been developed for prostate cancer surgery, which means that in many more cases than before, you can manage to preserve normal sexual function (erection).

Current issues in urology:

  • Difficulty urinating, possibly with pain, in both women and men
  • Kidney stones
  • Chronic cystitis
  • Blood in the urine (hematuria)
  • Venereal diseases
  • Prostate cancer
  • Prostate enlargement (benign/hyperplasia)
  • Testicular tumors
  • Scrotal complaints (for example scrotal hernia or water hernia)
  • Sterilization

The examination methods may include:

  • Ultrasound for detection
  • Cystoscopy (where a camera can be used to look into the bladder and ureters)
  • Measurement of urine volume and flow (volume and speed)
  • Prostate biopsy
  • MRI at x-ray centers in Oslo and Akershus.
  • Blood tests
  • Urine samples

Read more about our procedures:

  • Cystoscopy
  • Short penis string
  • Refertilization
  • Sterilization
  • Tight foreskin

Why Groruddalsklinikken?

Groruddalsklinikken’s vision is to offer high-quality health services with short waiting times.

We can offer health services both to those who do not have a referral from their GP, to those who have a referral from their GP or to those who are waiting for treatment at the hospital or waiting in the hospital queue.

If you have health insurance, you can contact your insurance company about getting treatment with us.

Groruddalsklinikken has a broad and relevant range of healthcare services with high quality and good accessibility for everyone. With us, you should always feel safe and looked after.


Groruddalsklinikken’s medical services include many specialist areas within the specialist health service, including day surgery.


Groruddalsklinikken believes that you as a patient deserve and should have quick medical attention without having to wait for several hours to receive health care.

Physical treatment

We offer a chiropractor, physiotherapist, acupuncturist and masseur at GRD. We have modern devices for pressure wave treatment and ultrasound diagnostics and follow up the patient from A to Z.

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