Free choice of treatment

Free choice of treatment (formerly called free choice of hospital) means that you can choose the hospital or place of treatment yourself.

The right to free choice of treatment applies to:

  • All planned examination, treatment or investigation within physical and mental health
  • All public hospitals and district psychiatric centers owned by a regional health authority

In some cases, private hospitals, if an agreement has been entered into with the regional health authority

You can also read about choosing a treatment center at Groruddalsklinikken on the website of helsenorge and then search for Groruddalsklinikken:

The right does not apply to the choice of treatment level. You cannot choose to have an examination at a central hospital if the condition of the illness dictates that it should take place at a local hospital. You also cannot choose to be admitted to an inpatient unit if you have been referred to an outpatient clinic.

What is "Free choice of treatment"?

“Free treatment choice” means that several private treatment centers will be allowed to treat patients at the state’s expense. This means that you, as a patient, have more choices when you are referred for examination or treatment in the specialist health service. The aim is that free choice of treatment should lead to shorter waiting times and that you will receive treatment more quickly.

The information service - Select the processing location

The “Office for free hospital choice” changes its name to “The Information Service – choose a treatment location”. Through the new information service, you will find waiting times at public treatment centres, private treatment centers with an agreement and private treatment centers approved by HELFO. The information service can be contacted by calling 800HELSE (800 43 573).

How do I go about being treated at Groruddalsklinikken?

Today, you can choose freely where you want treatment, either through a public health undertaking or at a private undertaking with an agreement with a regional health undertaking.

To make use of this, you need a referral. Don’t have a referral? Book an appointment with one of the doctors at Groruddalsklinikken. If the doctor finds an indication to investigate you further, you may be referred further. You as a patient can, in consultation with your doctor, choose the hospital you want within the actors that have entered into agreements with the public sector.

Are you on a waiting list at another treatment centre?

If you are on a waiting list at another treatment center and instead want to be examined or treated at Groruddalsklinikken, you can contact the hospital where you are on the waiting list. You can request that the referral be forwarded to Groruddalsklinikken. Alternatively, you can contact your doctor, who can then send the referral to Groruddalsklinikken, and at the same time remove you from the waiting list you were originally placed on. You only have the opportunity to be on the waiting list at one treatment centre.

Choose Groruddalsklinikken at no extra cost – short waiting times

You only pay the excess, the rest is covered by your health region. Contact us for more information.

Avoid waiting time, choose treatment at Groruddalsklinikken as the treatment location.

Proceed like this:

Contact your GP first

It is the GP who first assesses whether you need examination/treatment at a hospital.

Referral from your GP

The GP then refers you to either the local hospital or another hospital.

Demand for a response within 10 working days

This hospital has a deadline of 10 working days to assess whether you are entitled to treatment or not.

Time for examination/treatment

The same hospital sets up an appointment for you for examination/treatment.

Letter from the hospital

When you or your GP receive a letter from the hospital stating that you have been given an appointment, you have the right to switch to Groruddalsklinikken, which is an approved treatment centre.

Change to one of Groruddalsklinikken's treatment centers

Contact the hospital where you have been given an appointment and let them know that you would rather have an appointment with us. Ask them to send us a referral and rights assessment. You cannot be on waiting lists in two places at the same time.

We set up an appointment for you

We quickly set up a new appointment and contact you directly.