TVT operation

Groruddalsklinikken is a recognized clinic in Norway that offers a wide range of medical services, including surgical interventions. One of the usual operations performed at Groruddalsklinikken is the TVT operation.

The TVT surgery, also known as Tension-free Vaginal Tape surgery, is a surgical procedure used to treat urinary leakage in women. Urine leakage, or urinary incontinence, can occur as a result of weakened pelvic floor muscles or damage to the urethra. This can be a result of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or other factors.

The purpose of TVT surgery is to support the urethra and restore normal function. The procedure involves placing a small tape or band under the urethra to provide extra support. This is done by making small incisions in the vagina and abdominal wall to place the tape correctly. The tape is made of a synthetic material that is biocompatible and does not cause allergic reactions.

The TVT surgery is usually performed under general or spinal anesthesia, depending on the patient’s state of health and preferences. The procedure usually takes around 30-60 minutes to complete. After the operation, the patient can expect to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days for observation and pain relief.

After TVT surgery, there may be some common side effects and restrictions. The patient may experience pain, swelling and bruising in the operation area. It is recommended to avoid heavy lifting, intense physical activity and intercourse for a period after the operation to give the body time to heal. The doctor will give specific instructions about post-treatment and follow-up.

The TVT operation has been shown to be effective for the treatment of urinary leakage in women. Studies have shown that around 80-90% of women experience significant improvement or complete elimination of urinary leakage after the operation. However, it is important to note that results may vary from person to person and there is no guarantee of success.

Groruddalsklinikken is known for its expertise in TVT surgery and has an experienced team of surgeons who specialize in this procedure. The clinic aims to provide patients with the best care and support throughout the entire process, from consultation to aftercare.

Why Groruddalsklinikken?

Groruddalsklinikken’s vision is to offer high-quality health services with short waiting times.

We can offer health services both to those who do not have a referral from their GP, to those who have a referral from their GP or to those who are waiting for treatment at the hospital or waiting in the hospital queue.

If you have health insurance, you can contact your insurance company about getting treatment with us.

Groruddalsklinikken has a broad and relevant range of healthcare services with high quality and good accessibility for everyone. With us, you should always feel safe and looked after.


Groruddalsklinikken’s medical services include many specialist areas within the specialist health service, including day surgery.


Groruddalsklinikken believes that you as a patient deserve and should have quick medical attention without having to wait for several hours to receive health care.

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We offer a chiropractor, physiotherapist, acupuncturist and masseur at GRD. We have modern devices for pressure wave treatment and ultrasound diagnostics and follow up the patient from A to Z.

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