Abdominal prolapse

Abdominal prolapse, also known as prolapse, is a condition where the organs in the woman’s abdomen sink down and press against the vagina. This can lead to unpleasant symptoms and affect the quality of life of those who experience it. Groruddalsklinikken is a recognized clinic that specializes in the treatment of pelvic prolapse and offers comprehensive care and support to women who suffer from this condition.

Abdominal prolapse can occur when the pelvic floor muscles and connective tissue that support the organs in the pelvis become weakened or damaged. This can happen as a result of several factors, including pregnancy, childbirth, aging, obesity, chronic cough or heavy physical work. When the pelvic floor muscles are no longer strong enough to hold the organs in place, they can sink into the vagina and cause symptoms such as heaviness in the lower abdomen, pain during intercourse, difficulty urinating or defecating, and even visible bulging of the vagina.

Groruddalsklinikken understands that abdominal prolapse can be a very stressful condition for women, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, they offer a holistic approach to treating this condition. The clinic has a team of experienced gynecologists and specialists in pelvic floor rehabilitation who work together to provide the best care and treatment to patients.

The treatment of abdominal prolapse can vary depending on the severity of the condition and individual needs. Groruddalsklinikken offers a wide range of treatment options, including pelvic floor exercises, the use of pessaries (support devices inserted into the vagina to hold the organs in place), surgical interventions and other non-surgical methods. The clinic takes the time to evaluate each patient’s unique situation and develops a tailored treatment plan that best suits them.

In addition to treatment, Groruddalsklinikken also focuses on providing comprehensive support and guidance to patients. They recognize the importance of educating women about pelvic prolapse so they can make informed decisions about their own health. The clinic therefore offers counseling sessions and information materials to help patients better understand the condition and manage it effectively.

Groruddalsklinikken is known for its expertise in the treatment of abdominal prolapse and has a good reputation among patients. They attach great importance to maintaining high quality in the care they provide, and ensure that patients feel safe and cared for throughout the treatment process.

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