Hair transplantation

Do you want to regrow lost hair or straighten your hairline and lines? Or do you want to grow more hair on your head, have fuller eyebrows or trim your beard? Many people also miss their old hairstyle, then hair transplantation is the solution for you.
The methods are simple and safe under sterile and hygienic conditions that ensure you as a patient good treatment. At the same time, hair transplantation is a precise medical craft, which places high demands on the practitioner’s precision, detailed work and aesthetic vision.

With hair transplants, hair is moved from an area that is rich in hair to the area where you want hair growth. The hair follicles we move are usually taken from the back of the head. But it is also possible to take hair from other parts of the body, for example under the chin.


FUE (Follicular unit extraction)

FUE hair transplantation means that the practitioner carefully takes one hair follicle/graft from the back of the patient’s head, to later move and insert the hair follicles into the desired area. The extraction takes place precisely and carefully with a round hand-held device with a tip with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.9 millimetres, while the fixation takes place with an equally thin needle we call an implantation pen. The instruments are very gentle and are adjusted to each patient so that the treated area is almost invisible a few days after the operation.

For this treatment, only local anesthesia is needed in the vast majority of cases. The anesthetic is given both before and during treatment so that you as a patient will not notice anything.

For those who choose this treatment, we strongly recommend that the hair be shaved to 2-5 mm before the operation, we do this before the operation. We want to shave the hair due to follow-up checks, hygienic conditions, easier washing in the initial phase and that it is easier for you as a patient to follow our recommendations after the operation with short hair.

For those who still do not want to shave their hair, there are other methods such as DHI, which you can read about below.

DHI (Direct hair implant)

The DHI method is primarily performed for those who do not want to shave their hair. It is a very gentle and less uncomfortable method where hair follicles are inserted one by one without having to shave the hair. A pen is used that shoots the hair follicle under the skin layer on the head. DHI is very well known and is used as a method in hair transplantation all over the world. In reality, DHI is a developed method of FUE
the method. With the DHI method, most patients experience faster healing times and shorter operating times.

This method requires more from the therapists and the team that carries out the treatment, hence this is considered a more expensive treatment option than FUE, even though in terms of results, DHI gives better results in most cases.

Step 1
You must attend 1-2 weeks before the operation for a simple heart examination and blood sampling.
Step 2
On the day of the operation, you show up at the appointed time. Remember to eat a light meal 1-2 hours before the operation.
Step 3
You talk to the therapist where you draw up how you want the hairline to be and how you want the final result to be. Your hair is shaved, and you get clothes from us to wear.
Step 4
You go into the operating theater where you receive local anaesthetic. For the first few minutes this may be uncomfortable, but after the anesthetic starts to work you should not feel anything.
Step 5
The team begins to extract hair from the donation area. The hair follicles are placed in a special liquid. This process takes between 2-3 hours depending on how much.
Step 6
Channels are made in the area where you want hair, and the hair follicles are inserted. This process also takes between 2-3 hours depending on how much hair you will have.
Step 7
When we have finished the hair transplant, PRP will be performed by you. This is the last part before you are whole finished with the operation.
Step 8
The team puts cream and a bandage on your head and you can change your clothes again. When you're done, you'll be handed out information brochure from us with guidance on what to do and what not to do. You will be given medication with information from us and contact information for the team for communication should anything happen.
Step 9
We provide you with information on further steps and how the further course is and when you will meet again for further control and finishing/care and washing.


FUE – from NOK 27,000
DHI – from NOK 33,000
All prices include a simple heart check, blood test, medication, PRP and follow-up.

All consultations are free and without obligation. In most cases, we recommend a physical consultation as it can sometimes be difficult to give good feedback if you receive unclear images or
via video consultation.

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